Welcome to the IconCMO API Developer Center!

If you've been wondering how to integrate your own software with IconCMO—whether on your web site, smart phone, or elsewhere—you've come to the right place. The IconCMO API will allow you to access information stored in IconCMO's database through a JSON- or XML-based web service. This screen will give you all the information you need to do so.

The Documentation tab contains all the documentation, listing all the API calls and their parameters, as well as general information need to connect to the IconCMO API.

The Call & Request tab is the headquarters of the developer's center. Here, you can see a sample of nearly every API call provided as well as execute the request against the developer's database. You can also edit the requests as you wish, providing a convenient interface for testing your API calls without writing any code.

The Example Code tab lists several demo applications that we have created using the API, complete with source code downloads. Please note that this code is licensed for use by our partners and customers.

The Change History tab lists the changes made to the API since its alpha releases. You will find all important changes that may affect your application listed here.

The Support tab allows you to contact us with support questions and suggestions API calls that have not yet been created as well as features that you would like to see. We cannot guarantee any particular addition; however, we are very excited to see what applications developers will produce and want to enable your applications as much as possible.

Sample Applications

While our demos are pretty basic, we've had quite a few ideas about the kind of applications the API might enable. Feel free to grab one off of the list and pursue it! Let us know how it works for you.

Test Database

You may be satisfied using your current database while developing your application. However, if you need a database in which you can modify data at will without causing any operational problems, you can use the following credentials:

Phone Number: 5555555555
Username: JoePUser
Password: password

Please note that this database is regularly refreshed from scratch, so don't expect your changes to persist!

Feel free to edit the above request as you see fit; you can return to the original by clicking on the item in the menu on the left.
NOTE: Please note that the pictures requests are locked on the sample database, but should work on your database.
One valid username/password combination should be: "JoePUser"/"password".

Contact Us

Need an API call that doesn't exist? Need some help with the API? You've come to the right place!

Contact via Email

Contact via Phone

You can also call our support line at (218) 236-1899 for support.